T-Luxe French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs

Mootsie French Bulldog

Mootsie is our beautiful blue fawn, pied girl who may carry chocolate. She has excellent conformation with a broad, square head and muscular build. She is truly everything a Frenchie should be. Mootsie is extremely athletic and powerful when the mood strikes her, yet has a loving and affectionate side. She loves to play with other dogs and is a “Great Dane” in spirit. Mamma Mozzarella is the proud guardian and matriarch of our Frenchie family. She is from outstanding American bloodlines🇺🇸

T-Luxe French Bulldogs

Lottie is our blue trindle, quad carrier, female. Her color and coat are breathtaking. Lottie is very well proportioned and only 19 lbs at 9 months. Lottie is the quintessential second child, she is courageous and adventurous. She is our comic relief and loves the spot light. Lottie is so affectionate that she has to “give kisses” every time she greets someone. Lottie is also great with children and other animals. She is a big time cuddler and loves to make herself comfortable by laying square on top of anything with a pulse. She is our free spirit. Lottie is the daughter of world famous Don Choc (Dezinerbullz🇬🇧) and Syrah (West Coast French Bulldogs🇨🇦)


Dom P is a star! He is our blue and tan pointed Stud, who carries chocolate. We believe he is one of the finest french bulldog studs on the planet. His conformation is near perfect with a huge, square head, flat face, uber muscular shoulders and arms, “mastiff-like” paws, and narrow waist. He is extremely short and broad. Dom P packs 25 lbs of muscle into his 10″ tall frame. On top of this, his personality is such that he is cool and he knows it! His strut says it all…”big man on campus”! However, he is a gentle giant and is sweet and shy around people, including children. He loves to cuddle, particularly with his ladies. We went to great lengths to have such an amazing stud in our program. Dom P was hand selected and hand carried from the UK.

His parents are the world famous Alfie (Dezignerbullz🇬🇧) and Bounty (Bullspectrum🇬🇧). Finally, Dom P is potent (see his semen testing results) and now proven at just over a year old. Salute!